High quality natural feed

Guidolin Horses can offer you high-quality range of feed for horses, based on long stem hay and steamed cereals for the health and well-being of your horse. Horse feed produced following the horses’ nutritional needs, in order to best meet their unique nutritional needs: Show jumping, Reining, Dressage, Cutting, Endurance riding, Rest and Light work or Horses at grass.

You can choose between two feed lines: Wafer Fioc Line, the complete feed for horse, with hay and flaked cereals in a practical cube or the blends of traditional high quality ingredients with flaked cereals and legumes. Each feed provides a full range of proteins, fat, vitamins, ensuring a well-balanced diet and the right amount of energy, depending on type of horse: for competition horses, horse in light & medium work, for foals, pregnant and nursing mares, breeding stallions, performance and training horses, older horses, miniatures, ponies. On Guidolin Horses you can find horse bedding (wood shavings chips and coconut fibre bedding), Equisnack horse treats and flaked cereals.

Brand Guidolin Horses


EquiBar, the newest brand from Guidolin Horses, is an innovative product that aims to support the wellbeing and health of horses. These special functional bars are created with the use of herbal ingredients and all-natural plant substances that can provide effective therapeutic treatment of major horse illnesses.